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For these 7 months, I withheld
Under your control for only time could tell
Too scared to speak, too scared to see
Into your eyes where your lies speak.
How I shudder by the sound of your voice
How I cringe by the way you would touch me
I just sat there as if I didn’t have a choice.
Encourage me that this is the norm
Compliment me on how my skin was warm.
A 41-year-old man with a little boy brain
Who should have known better than to keep me constrained
You know where I go, you know where I hide
Endeavor to groom me into your bride
And that sixth-sense feeling in the pit of my stomach
That desire for freedom
And how I won’t let you be another reason why.
God, it has taken me such a long time to write...
I don't know whether it was what I've been dealing with the past year, trying to get my life sorted out and some guy who is old enough to be my father gets stuck in my life and does and says and asks such strange perverted things, and I am the kind of person that I can just sit there and take it when I shouldn't, plus I have had a hard life, this man knew, I let him into my life because at first things were good and going well then a couple of months later he turned into some creep, we worked together and I couldn't get away from him, he got obsessive, wouldn't leave me alone, he would text, facebook message me, call me, email me repeatedly throughout the day. I would get hundreds of messages a day, I couldn't do anything because he would take u so much of my time, I am a young woman, I have a boyfriend who I've been dating for the past 5 years, He just interfered with my life, and he would want to spend time with me outside of work and omg, I did it to keep him happy not for my sake, I just felt so uncomfortable and I didn't know exactly what he was planning or trying to do. 
It took me so long to come out and tell people what this man was doing, I was afraid...

Now that I am out of his life and he is out of mine, I am happy and I felt so free, but those 7 long months, I gave up on doing things I enjoyed and even after months confining in my family I wasn't the same, I was paranoid and scared... But I am getting there.

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March 4, 2017


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